Laurence Clark

Laurence’s first one-man show at Edinburgh Fringe in 2003 was Critics’ Choice in The Times and described as “stunningly hard-hitting” in The Scotman’s round-up of the best shows that year. Responding to Jim Davidson cancelling a show when wheelchair users were in his audience, Laurence put together and toured an anti-Jim Davidson show, vowing to cancel if Jim turned up in his front row! His most recent Edinburgh show was about surviving being on Jim’ll Fix It as a child.

Laurence has performed at numerous arts centres, small theatres, comedy clubs, and festivals. He has done more conferences than he cares to remember and nowadays judges a conference solely by the quality of the buffet! Television work has included being a guest reporter for Newsnight, The Heaven and Earth Show and I’m With Stupid.

“This is heavy hitting, clever stuff. Not very much stand-up these days has the power to shock, to force a sharp intake of breath and to change minds. This does.” - Kate Copstick, The Scotsman

Laurence Clark with a cheeky smile

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